The Company

“Renewable energy is no longer a niche fuel. It’s an attractive business and on top of that it saves the world!”

It’s a business, but…

The more profound objective of Euafra Energy is to make the world a greener world, so we one day can rest and know that in the end, we left a sustainable world to our children and grand-children.

Euafra Energy is a multinational company owned by funds from Scandinavia, Southern Europe and Africa. We are physically present in Lisboa, Portugal, Accra, Ghana and a branch in Valencia, Spain. Furthermore we have representations or partners in several other countries.

Our history in the energy business goes back to the first Wind Mill projects in the 90ies and we have experience in every aspect of the energy business, from generation over transmission and distribution to commercialization of the generated energy.

We are experts on the African and South European countries and are very well connected with authorities and governments in the countries where we do business.

Throughout the years we have developed several energy projects in more continents, but Southern Europe and Africa is where we are real experts.

Our projects have led us to know and work with several sources of financing and we are able to help out with the financing of any project, regardless of we are projecting a 100KW project or a GW project.

If you are planning an energy project or if you want to invest in an energy project, you should give us a call. We provide solutions of high standards and according to expectations of quality and yield.