Every project starts with a dialogue

“In true dialogue both sides are willing to listen and learn”



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any ideas, inquiries or projects you want to discuss with us. We will listen, we will learn and we will advise you.

Fill out the formula or simply just give a call to one of our offices, we are here for you.



Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo
Número 15, Palacio Sotto Mayor Galeria A,  1050-121 Lisboa Portugal
TEL. PORTUGAL +34  671 93 35 95
MAIL: infopt@euafra-energy.com


Duah Ohene Danquah Ayeman
MR/46 Koforidua-MONROVIA
Title: Director (Africa)
TEL: +233 208862849
MAIL: infogh@euafra-energy.com


Calle Játiva 14-1ºA
46002 Valencia, Spain
TEL. SPAIN +31 693 501 517
MAIL: infoes@euafra-energy.com